• Define domestic violence
  • Understand the Importance of the topic
  • Define different types of Domestic Violence
  • Identify warning Signs of Domestic Violence
  • Who is Affected by Domestic Violence
  • List major causes of Domestic Violence
  • Effects of Domestic Violence
  • Prevention and Intervention
  • State available resources for victims of domestic violence.


Although most people believe that intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant public health issue in the United States, few agree on the magnitude of the problem.

Based on National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAWS) data, an estimated 5.3 million IPV victimizations occur among U.S. women ages 18 and older each year. This violence results in nearly 2.0 million injuries, more than 550,000 of which require medical attention. In addition, IPV victims also lose a total of nearly 8.0 million days of paid work the equivalent of more than 32,000 full time jobs and nearly 5.6 million days of household productivity as a result of the violence (CDC , 2003).