Common experiences among trafficking victims

Deception and false promises: Many victims are initially lured into trafficking through false
promises of a better life, such as employment, education, or marriage. However, upon
arrival, they are often subjected to forced labor or sexual exploitation.
Physical and emotional abuse: Traffickers may use physical violence, such as beatings, to
keep their victims compliant. Emotional abuse, such as threats to harm the victim or their
family, is also common.
Isolation and restricted movement: Traffickers often isolate their victims from family and
friends, and may restrict their movements through physical confinement or threats of harm.
Forced labor and exploitation: Victims of labor trafficking may be forced to work long hours
in dangerous or unhealthy conditions, without adequate food or rest. Victims of sex
trafficking may be forced to engage in sexual acts against their will, and are often
subjected to physical and emotional abuse.
Fear and trauma: Trafficking victims may live in constant fear of their traffickers, and may
experience long-term trauma as a result of their experiences