A. Chapter Overview

This chapter covers the process of assisting residents to take medications. Step-by-Step guidance for assisting with oral and topical medications is provided. “Oral” medications refers to those medications taken into the mouth. “Topical” medications refers to medications applied to a specific surface area of the body. In addition to applications to the skin, it includes opthalmic (eye), otic (ear), and nasal (nose) dosage forms.

Upon completion of this chapter, caregivers should be able to:

  • Understand what “assistance” with medication includes and does not include.
  • Provide assistance with oral dosage forms of medications.
  • Measure liquids, break scored tablets, and understand under what circumstances tablets may be crushed.
  • Provide assistance with topical dosage forms, including eye and ear drops, nose drops and sprays and inhalers.
  • Know what to do if a resident needs assistance.