C. Storage of Medications by Residents

Since assisted living facilities are residents’ homes, residents who are capable of managing their own medications are allowed to manage them. Residents are also allowed to keep both prescription and over-the-counter medications in their rooms. There are, however, some limitations.

If a resident self-administers his/her medications with or without assistance, he/she may keep them in his/her room, but:

  • Either the room must be locked when the resident is out of the room; or
  • The resident must keep the medications in a secure place which is out of sight of other residents.

Special Concerns: When residents share rooms, it is important to address the following:

  • Medications should not be kept in a shared medicine cabinet, for example, in the bathroom.
  • Medications should not be left out on a night stand or dresser.
  • A resident keeping medication in the room may endanger his/her roommate. In such instances, different arrangements must be made to provide a safe environment for both residents.