G. The Resident And Your Employer When You Are Unable To Assist With A Medication.

  • When medications orders or new deliveries of labeled medications are received, check to make sure the instructions do not require judgement.
  • If the instructions are not clear, or if you will be required to make a decision about when or how to give the medication, contact the administrator or your supervisor. Advise him/her that you are unable to assist the resident with the medication and the exact reasons for this.
  • Advise the resident that the medication requires judgement. If you are to assist with the medication, call the health care provider to request clear instructions. Let the resident know that you will inform him/her of the results of your conversation with the health care provider.
  • When contacting the health care provider about medications that require discretion or judgement, inform the health care provider that you are not a nurse, but are assisting a resident with his/her medications as allowed in an assisted living facility. [Sometimes health care providers do not understand what an assisted living facility is, or assume that all ALFs have nurses on staff who can take care of implementing Dr.’s orders.] Inform the provider that as an unlicensed person, you are prohibited from assisting with medication which requires discretion or judgement, and that you would like to discuss the options for the resident.