G. When Residents Leave the ALF for Temporary Absences

Residents may leave an ALF on a temporary basis for a variety of reasons. For example, residents may attend day programs in the community, others may go away for the weekend or longer with family and friends. In all instances, it is important that residents continue to receive their prescribed medications.

When a resident who receives “assistances with medication” is away from the facility, the following options may be used to help the resident take medication as prescribed:

  • The health care provider may prescribe a medication schedule which coincides with the resident’s presence in the facility. For example, for residents who regularly go out during the day, ask the health care provider if the medication can be scheduled for when the resident is regularly in the ALF.
  • The medication container may be given to the resident or a friend or family member upon leaving the facility. this must be noted on the medication observation record. You may not transfer some of the medication into another container, for example, an envelope, to go with the resident.
  • A nurse may transfer the medication to a pill organizer and give it to the resident or a friend or family member upon the resident leaving the facility. This must be noted in the resident’s medication record.
  • Medications may be separately prescribed and dispensed in an easier to use form, such as unit does packaging, so that the resident may take the dosage needed with him/her.